Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Blaq Budafli Hair Growth Buying Guide

Do you need help picking the right product for your hair???

If you have alopecia or any type of balding you need the Blaq Gold Rapid Repair Combo Pack or Black Gold Growth Combo Pack. (Not the starter pack)

Shedding and Breakage- Blaq Gold Growth Combo Pack or Growth Combo Pack.

Edges- Blaq Gold Oil or Blaq Gold Growth Combo.

Growth with no issues- Growth Oil or Blaq Gold Oil for faster results get the Growth Combo Pack or Blaq Gold Growth Combo Pack.

Daily Moisture -Moisture Max Cream

Scalp Repair- Rapid Repair Cream

Shedding /Breakage-Super Growth Water needs be used in conjunction with the Blaq Gold Oil or Growth Oil

Safe to use on children. Sezzle is available for payment installments.

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