Wash Day Regimen

Wash Day Regimen

  1. Rapid Repair Growth Mask
    1. Spray hair with water
    2. Apply Mask to scalp
    3. Cover hair with shower cap and/or saran wrap
    4. Sit under the dryer for 20-30 mins
      1. If unable to sit under dryer, keep wrap for 1 hours
    5. Keep hair wrap for an additional 30 mins once from under the dryer (optional)


  1. Shampoo
    1. Apply shampoo to hair
    2. Shampoo as normal


  • Super Growth Water
    1. Place rice mixture in a container that can be sealed (Tupperware/Mason Jar) ½ cup of rice
    2. Add water
    3. Stir ingredients
    4. Cover bowl or put top on jar
    5. Leave out and let sit for 24 – 48 hours
    6. Transfer water into an applicator bottle (ketchup, etc.)
    7. Apply rice water to scalp first ,then to the rest of hair
    8. DO NOT RINSE OUT – Apply Deep Conditioner on top
    9. Discard left over water


  1. Deep Conditioner
    1. Part hair into sections
    2. Apply Novex mix on each section from root to tip
    3. Apply Silicon mix on top of Novex mix root to tip
    4. Detangle hair with fingers
    5. Comb conditioner through hair
    6. Apply Blaq Budafli Growth Oil to scalp
    7. Rub oil into hair
    8. Apply Coconut Oil/ or other sealant
    9. Cover hair with shower cap or saran wrap
    10. Sit under the dryer for 30 mins


  1. Style Hair
    1. Keep conditioner in hair
      1. style hair in a ponytail …


  1. Rinse conditioner out of hair if going to apply heat to the hair
    1. Apply heat (blow dry, flat iron), if desire
    2. Style as desire
  2. Wrap hair with Satin Bonnet and/or sleep on Satin Pillowcase



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