My Name Is

Darilyn Jenkins

I am the owner Blaq Budafli Hair Care LLC. My oldest son has had
extremely bad eczema along with an immune deficiency since he was born, he has been hospitalized over 70 times for it, it also began to cause other problems for him , February 13,2013, I received a call from his doctor that he had cancer, that phone call took the breath out of my body.

Days later my hair began to shed uncontrollably, it was coming out by the hand fulls. I have always prided myself on having a decent length of hair. My grandma always said a woman’s hair is her crown. I tried everything in the book, to get my hair to grow back. I became a product junkie, and spent so much money with no real success. I noticed all the products that I was using I couldn’t even pronounce the ingredients. Every one was telling me I had to do a big chop and go natural. That wasn’t a option for me. I refused to cut my hair that short. o about 2 years ago I started doing my own research on all natural ingredients that were good for hair growth. I took the best ingredients I could find and combined them.

My hair begin to flourish. I never had any intentions on selling the
oil, people kept asking me what I was using to make my hair grow so fast. People thought I had gotten a weave. One day I went to a family reunion with with and people kept asking me all day if me if I would let the oil. So I decided to get you some bottles and sell it to them. I also discovered the same ingredients were also great for eczema. So this product has been a saving grace in my house.